TJS (Usually Reala) writes to Reala

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TJS (Usually Reala) writes to Reala

Post  TheJackleShow on Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:51 am

Pleasant greetings to TRS Reala from TJS Reala,

                        None of the other cast members wanted to directly speak to you (except maybe AJ but she's lazy) and so your dear other self will be directing all TRS related questionaire from TJS directly to you (with commentary from your other self here in the parynthesi)

This first question comes from AJ/The Human: we all know you are a fan of The Phantom Of The Opera, but are there any other broadways or performances you also enjoy?

From Jackle: Is there a single quality from JoD that you actually like? Or do you hate every last shred of it?   (Though I am more closely designed to the JoD version of us, that's only because that is the only version our dreamer AJ has played. I also frown upon the game, so feel free to tear it apart if you so wish.)

and finally from our own personal Pansy: We haven't seen Claris' Nightopian on the show for quite some time... you didn't do anything bad to it did you?! (I am hoping to recieve word that the annoying whistler was Pian-pastried, but if that's not the case, I'll just let my request of such be made known.  Twisted Evil  )

I myself may be sending you a question or two in the near future, but don't expect it to be something so trivial as what my associates have asked.

                                                                                         Your other self, Reala

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