Laylatheangelsprite writes to Reala

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Laylatheangelsprite writes to Reala

Post  laylatheangelsprite on Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:15 am

Hello Dashing and ever so appealing Reala. How are you? I've missed you. Many life things has happened to me... I'm so very sorry for being absent. It must be easy being a nightmaren. Stealing good dreams and stuff. Once again I'm sorry for being absent. I hope you've kept silk in good health and NiGHTS being... Well NiGHTS Can't really change that. Occasionally my thoughts go's to you all. Many promises I couldn't keep like the Ran show... Haha... What little writing I've got on my fanfiction. I'm sorry for that too. I finally got a best friend. Her name is Sango. She's really cool. Not as cool as you of course! My mom finally got engaged. My soon to be step-sister is 18 and leaving the house. I too am almost 18. I don't live with mom anymore. I moved away around 3 times... To Everett, To lake stevens, and now Nevada. Occasionally I nostalgia trip on the games you're in and my thoughts lead over to this place. Now that I'm in a better part of my life. I wanted to say thank you to you and everyone. I think... if it wasn't for this place... I wouldn't have met such wonderful people. So... Thank you Reala. Lately, I've been lucid dreaming and I can now just watch my nightmares and dreams because I know it's a dream. Haha Is that my doing or yours? Hehe. If you could dream what dreams would you have?

- Layla

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