Tumblr Blog Recomendations

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Tumblr Blog Recomendations

Post  MagicPickleFairy on Sun Sep 01, 2013 8:13 pm

In light of Reala's new blog, let me recommend some other Tumblr blog. I am keeping in mind that there are children here, and I'm not posting anything political. (There are plenty of good ones I follow that takes political sides very strongly, if you want to know any, just message me.)

A blog that is dedicated to tracking blogs of anime fandoms:


And their list of fandoms:


My Little Pony ask blog with an adorable fan character:


Food. Enough said:


And Ask Blog of The Avengers, for those who like Marvel movies:


A NiGHTS Ask Blog with a cool perspective of the NiGHTS universe. Has crossovers quite often:


The writer of Scott Pilgrim has a Tumblr Blog. He's very funny and witty:


And please, post your favorite Tumblr blogs as well.

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