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Plush Crazies

Post  PuppyLuver256 on Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:54 am

Watching The Reala Show inspired me to make my own plushies just so I could have my own plush show. I had no set direction for it, so I called it "Plush Crazies". I like to think of it as Toy Story meets Homestar Runner...only it's probably nothing like either of those. XD Since I've made so many plushies before and since starting, the show has quite the extensive cast list. Unfortunately, a lot of the characters have yet to appear on camera, and even then the videos they're in have yet to be released to the public. Still, it's a start, right? (Ironically, even though it's called Plush Crazies, there are at least two cast members that are not plush. They're Transformers.)

Plush Crazies playlist

This may come as a shock, but my plushies are also Shakespearian actors! It's true! To keep my sanity during the Macbeth unit of my senior English class, I created a parody of it called "Makbef". It has the basics of the original, except Macbeth is a purple-garbed lizard and there is a giant Pikachu named Heath.

Makbef playlist

I'm currently writing a script for an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, to be filmed sometime soon. I'll post it as soon as I get the first episode uploaded. Smile I'm also considering having a semi-regular show that features mainly one cast member, but I have no idea who to star yet. XD Oh well!

Please, if you see it or have seen it, don't bring up Dimentio, Private Eye. That was a bad idea and a horrible failure on my part.

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