Anniversary Well-Wishing

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Anniversary Well-Wishing

Post  Sarist on Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:42 pm

Well the big day is almost here, and since most people can't seem to figure out how to contact Reala to celebrate, I figured I'd make a place where we can all post our congratulations to Reala and the rest of the crew. Post your video links, extra pictures you didn't finish in time to send in, or just take the time to leave a message here for Reala.

Remember, if you sent in something special just for the special, please don't post it here since Silk wants to debut art in the special itself. And please don't start any long conversations or discussions here. This is purely to leave a note for the cast about the Anniversary, not to argue with Reala or discuss anything else. Thank you!

.:My stuff:.

~My congratulatory video.~

Well, I'd like to thank Cornsilk for all of her hard work making the show and the forums for us all to meet and talk on. It's been fun talking with everyone on here, even if we have all had our share of bumps and troubles on here. It's also been fun having Reala, NiGHTS, and Jackle (and now Puffy) interact and talk with all of us here on the forums.

And Reala, we all do love and adore you. We know you take time out of your day to come on the forums and deal with all of us, and it is appreciated. We also appreciate that you take even more time out of your day to make your show so we can all watch and be entertained, even if it does annoy you some days. Your bluntness is a refreshing change of pace from everyday life, and your sense of humor also puts a smile on my face (if I'm not already laughing)!

NiGHTS, you're just as fun now as you were the first time you showed up on the show. People may act mean or do things you consider not nice, but sometimes we don't think about what we're really saying before we say them. I'm sure everyone is making a conscious effort to be better and more careful with what we say, but just bear with us in the meantime.

Jackle... You go, Nightmaren! Keep being you... And hopefully you spend less time crying in the bathroom this year...

And of course, hopefully we'll see more Puffy around the forums and on the show.

Happy 3rd Anniversary everyone!

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Re: Anniversary Well-Wishing

Post  Cornsilk on Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:53 pm

We already have an anniversary thread, right at the top of this very forum.
Please discuss the anniversary there rather than making new topics.

I'll lock this one so the conversation can be moved to the proper topic.

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