Upcoming TRS Holidays and Events

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Upcoming TRS Holidays and Events

Post  TRS Reala on Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:11 am

We may or may not observe the following in the coming months...

March 8th/Silk's Birthday:
We won't be doing anything official, since Silk makes the show and it would be in bad taste for her to promote herself like that.  
However, you may wish to show your appreciation for the woman who created The Reala Show and has recently been struggling to keep the forum and blog active, even though she's been extremely sick.  
It's Silk Appreciation Day, so plan on expressing your gratitude somehow!

March 17th/St Patrick's Day
Wear green (Or orange or white if you have none) and join us for the yearly celebration of some Roman ex slave guy who hated snakes and liked shamrocks.  
Arts and crafts will be accepted up until March 15th for inclusion in the Not So Special.

March 20th/Vernal Equinox:
This is some celestial event.  Something about your planet passing some part of the sun, or such... Vernal means spring, by the way.
Some humans believe that if you stand a raw egg upright on the equinox, it will remain standing after you remove your hand.  We will procure some of the chickens' eggs to test this myth.

April 6th/National Tartan Day:

Basically, this is St Patrick's Day for humans with Scottish ancestry.  
As it happens, Silk qualifies for this as well - though only barely.  
So wear kilts, discuss the pros and cons of haggis, and listen to bagpipes while playing golf... those are all the Scottish stereotypes I kn- oh wait, also watch DuckTales.  Heh... Scrooge McDuck....

Ugh, not Easter... I have no forgotten the year that NiGHTS and Jackle ganged up on me and tied bunny ears over my horns!  
Arts and crafts for Easter will be accepted up until April 18th for inclusion in the Not So Special.

April 25th/Arbor Day:

This is a day about trees.  Okay?  Trees are good, they keep you all from dying from big dust storms and soil erosion.  Hug a tree.  
We at TRS will be planting a new tree on the farm on this day.  What kind of tree will it be?  That's for us to know and you to find out... maybe...

May 1st/MayDay:
Grab a ribbon and dance around the nearest May Pole for this holiday.  Wear bright colors and celebrate spring and uh... ribbons, I guess...

May 5th/Cinco de Mayo:
Cinco de Mayo literally means Fifth of May.  It's hardly a title for a holiday at all!
This is a day for Mexicans and those of Mexican ancestry to celebrate originating from Mexico... Silk's not Mexican, but she likes to observe it anyway.  Mexican food is yummy, apparently....

Mother's Day:
Pay homage to the female who raised you.  Blood ties or not, if any woman nurtured you as you were growing up, then show some gratitude!  
We won't show it, but Silk will give her mother a present on this day.  We Nightmaren don't have a mother, and so won't.  

May 22nd/Harvey Milk Day:
This is a day to honor a human who was attacked and ultimately murdered for committing an incredibly offensive crime in the eyes of other humans - He appreciated human beauty and love, and remained true to who he was.  
Oh, and also he was gay, but big whoop.  Some humans like bananas too, why should I care?
On this day, everyone should be exactly who you are and make no attempt to conform to anyone else's standards.  
I will observe this day by speaking my mind exactly the way that I always do...

More to come...
Be sure to point out any holidays that we've missed.  If your country has one that we should observe, let us know.  

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