Creepy PianPastry Rules and Such

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Creepy PianPastry Rules and Such

Post  TRS Reala on Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:05 am

It's okay if you slip and call this a Creep PianPasta, by the way. I'm sure that PianPasta would be just as tasty.

A little recapping what this is:
Discuss TRS and what creepy (but not upsetting) stories might be written about it.
You may kill off any cast member in this story, as long as you aren't hateful about it.
Other forum members may not be killed off, and you may not write about members unless you have their permission.

No bad language or overly offensive behavior should be depicted in this story, and I will edit the finished product accordingly.

Halloween is a little under six months away, and while that seems like a very long time now, I know that we'll get there without anyone having done their part, unless we really make an effort now.

So here is the plan - You may create a topic to type your version of the TRS CreepyPianPastry in.
We should end up with many different stories this way.

If we have enough, my goal is to tell a new creepy TRS story each week throughout the month of October, culminating in the most frightening (or amusing, I'm not sure yet) story written, acted out on Halloween.

There is a topic for discussing ideas, and anyone may use these ideas in your story.
Once you share them in the discussion topic, they belong to the community.
So no whining about how So-and-So copied you, got it? ReeQuestion

Now get creepy!
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