Ideya Capture of Shame

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Ideya Capture of Shame

Post  Cornsilk on Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:36 am

The Ideya Palace of Fame highlights the wonderful friends and supporters of TRS.
But the Ideya Capture of Shame lists those mean spirited enemies of the show, who ruin everyone's fun and slow TRS down with their negativity.
Note: This is to make a point. If you try to hurt and humiliate anyone on this forum, it goes both ways. The people listed below launched vicious attacks against TRS and friends of the show.
Anyone caught tracking the offenders down to give them a hard time, will be similarly dealt with. We do not attack anyone!

Reala's Biggest Fan - This username could not be further from the truth.
This troll could not respect anyone on the forum and was finally banned after posting a hateful attack against one of our forum friends.
And they were still shocked and claimed to feel picked on when they were banned for their hateful and inappropriate activities. Shame on them! Evil or Very Mad

Midori the Mangaka Otaku
/Detective Dream Magician - Two accounts, one badly behaved user.
This person tried to ignore every forum rule, and failed to respond to Admin notes. When temporarily banned, they decided to earn a permanent ban instead, by creating a second account in order to get around the ban.
Pretty silly and counter productive, if you ask me.
Anyone can be IP banned, but I guess this user didn't realize that...

Honezimba, the idiot who signed up, was silent for weeks, then posted several spam posts about dish network - which stinks, by the way!
Three intentional spams, three strikes, they're out of here!

DreamerRevolution (Important Note - NOT to be confused with DreamRevolution, who we love!) - This person ripped off an entire TRS video, recreating it with her own dolls and claiming full credit. She was asked to give credit for the original video, and instead began spouting lies, claiming that Silk was demanding that she remove her videos. No demand was ever made, and this person never gave TRS credit for the original video, despite it being a well known celebration of the release of Journey of Dreams.
This user also went across youtube, spreading lies about Silk and even enlisting a known troll to attempt to flame Silk on her youtube profile, and Deviantart page.
Despite Silk having taken screencaps to prove this, the offender continued to lie and pretend that she was being unfairly assaulted, when it was the other way around.
They finally removed their youtube account, which was the opposite of what Silk wanted, but at least it was the end of their petty lying and slander.
Good riddance!

Fortunately, there are no more offenders listed here. Let's try to keep it that way, please!

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