WtR Rules and Such

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WtR Rules and Such

Post  Cornsilk on Sun Dec 16, 2012 8:03 pm

One thread per member, please.
Even though I canceled Write to Reala, it comes in handy as a space filler.
So write to Reala, and prepare for the fireworks!

Part of the charm of WtR is that Reala often loses his temper and rages at the camera.
We ask that everyone not take it so seriously. Just laugh when Reala makes a fool of himself!
Because seriously, why get your feelings hurt by a doll?

A tip:
If you don't like Reala yelling at you, give your letter some extra thought and avoid known triggers.
Reala's triggers include:
Calling him by any titles (General, for example. This isn't a fanfic)
Starting the whole "Reala's a boy/girl" discussion (They're all androgynous, get over it)
Suggesting that Reala wears lipstick. (That's not lipstick, it's his mouth)
Suggesting that Reala wears a hat (or anything else really, what you see is what you get)
Threatening Reala (That's cute, but we're not a roleplaying forum and you're just digging your own grave and making yourself look dumb if you do this)
Threatening Wizeman (This is a bigger offense than threatening Reala, as (s)he is fiercely loyal to his creator)

Of course, most of us find it hilarious when Reala explodes, so if you want to bait him, you know how!
Please do not antagonize Reala outside of this subforum, however. You will get a warning for breaking the forum rules. The WtR subforum is exempt from this rule unless you use unsuitable language.

And since each member has their own thread, double posting is fine. Don't be afraid to submit multiple letters to Reala, as long as they're all in your one thread!

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