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Post  Cornsilk on Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:21 am

Well I was trying to avoid the need for rules and leave that up to Reala, but since a couple members are repeatedly ignoring his reminders that we are not a roleplay forum among other things, I've been forced into this.

This is TRS Reala's forum, so any violations won't get any warnings.  If it doesn't belong, it simply gets removed.  

1. We Are Not a Roleplay Forum!
The only characters on this forum are those from The Reala Show.  And even they do not roleplay.  Roleplaying is when you insert actions like *walks in and sits down*
You are just you, not a Nightmaren or any relation to the show unless you help out in some way.  No roleplaying please!
Note that quick things like *grin* or *stifling laughter* are okay, that's you expressing yourself rather than making up an action, and is fine.  Just keep it respectful if you must let one slip!

2. Stay on Topic!
Yes, antagonizing Reala and the others is fun, but please try and keep it to a minimum.  It takes away from the forum when people can't discuss their theories because someone just can't resist driving Reala into a frothing rage.
It also slows everything down when the TRS cast can't function because some kid keeps trolling them... see Rule #3

3. What Happens Here Affects the Show!
Yes you read right.  You've probably already noticed that your actions here directly affect how the characters appear on youtube.  Please keep this in mind when giving them trouble.  If you want a fun show, you might want to go easy.  or maybe not...
Those who troll the cast will be treated exactly the same as someone who trolls a regular member.  Warned, given however many strikes seem deserved, and ultimately removed and IP banned.

4. The Nightmaren Here Are Not Human!
Say it with me now, Nightmaren are Not Human!  They don't need to eat, sleep, brush their teeth, go to the little maren's room, or any of those physical needs.  They can do some physical things like eating, but they do not need to.  Likewise, they're not interested in dating and such.  That is a physical want and as stated above, Nightmaren are not physical.  
The Nightmaren are in essence, chaotic nightmares given form and as such, should be treated with caution.  Silk is not responsible for any maimings or hurt feelings arising from members carelessly forgetting the Nightmarens' basic nature...
Do you freak out because your cat won't hold a knife and fork to eat?  Then you shouldn't throw a fit because NiGHTS and Reala aren't in love, either.  Seriously, why does that even need to be said?

5. Be Respectful Toward Your Fellow Members!
Being a jerk is Reala's job, not yours.  If anyone other than the TRS Nightmaren go after anyone, you won't get a nice little note asking you to behave, you'll just have the offending comments removed and if necessary, the offending member.
Reala does it because that's his character but even (s)he has better manners than some humans.  Don't be worse than Reala!!
Also, too much negativity may cause the castmembers' avatars to go dark and result in a hiatus.  
To keep the show moving, focus on being happy and positive instead!  Silk is most inspired when she sees happy, excited viewers!

6. This Forum is All About The Reala Show!
But I'm sure that you must have noticed that while lurking about.  So any fanart or discussions or whatever need to be TRS related.  
The only exception is our one Off Topic section, where you're free to have anything else.  

7. Censor Yourself!
Who watches The Reala Show?  Kids!  So don't say, link to, or do anything here that shouldn't be said or done in front of kids anywhere else.  
Inappropriate language or behavior will be removed, and repeat offenders will also be removed.  Permanently if necessary.

8. No Art Swiping!
It's okay to link to a picture that you enjoy, but you will not use someone else's work in your avatar or posts without their knowledge and consent.  
We at The Reala Show do not condone art theft in any form.
We make an exception for official game art, or screenshots.  Technically we don't own them, but SEGA has never asked anyone not to use them so until they do, we'll allow it.

9. Do Not Post in the TRS Crew Members' Journals!
This should be obvious since they're in the TRS Crew Only subforum, but I've had to remove a couple posts.  That area is 'look but don't touch'.  If you want to interact with the characters or reply to something they said in their journal, do so in the Talk to the Cast section.

10. Post Full Sentences, Only!

I keep having to remove posts that are only one or two words long.  Short posts like those can spam a forum, so please try to post at least 5 words at a time.  If you don't have enough to say, then don't post until you do.  
The other members will have a more enjoyable time interacting with you when you post thoughtful messages.
This means that if someone corrects you and you feel a need to post "okay." in reply, that is a spam post.  You can get around this by saying "Okay, but to get back on topic..." and continue with a normal post.

11. No Advertising!
This is the Reala Show forum, as was said.  Please do not link to other forums, or advertise other sources to buy dolls from, as this hurts Silk's business.
You don't have to support Silk's business or the forum, but you must respect both!
(If you don't want to help the show - why are you even here?)

12. No Chatspeak!
The fastest way to get yourself removed other than actively trolling, is to insist on spelling things wrong on purpose.  Please type "Your"  or "you're" instead of ur.  or "and" instead of just n.  
And please don't swap out words.  It's "Should have"  not "should of"
If you can't type, then you are on the wrong forum.  Reala is big on proper grammar and spelling, and will not tolerate that kind of disrespectful typing.
Also, try to avoid excessive emotes.  Posting a smiley after every sentence doesn't show us what you're feeling, it just makes you seem annoying.

13. Reply to All Admin Notes!
If an Admin corrects you, you owe that admin the courtesy of a reply.  A simple "sorry, I'll do better in the future" or any polite statement to that effect is all that's required.
Failure to reply courteously can result in a temporary ban.

14. One Account Per Person!

One would think that this would need no explaining, but some dimwitted troublemakers have tried to spam, or get around a temporary ban by creating a new account.  
We can see your IP.  We can see the IPs of any guests who lurk, too.
Break this rule, and your temporary ban becomes a permanent one.  
Why anyone would choose to throw their account away rather than wait a few measly days to get it back is beyond me, but humans are idiots...

More to Come as Needed...

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