Halloween 2012

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Halloween 2012

Post  Cornsilk on Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:14 am

I'm getting an early start, planning this year's special out.
Without giving it away, I'll just say that I'm taking us back to one of the classics...

I already have an idea of how I'll be handling this year's special, but I've always listened to the suggestions that come in here at the forum and on youtube.
This year will be no exception.

Now keep in mind that I can't use much copyrighted media. No famous music or such, but feel free to suggest anything that is public domain.

Now onto the second part of the special, that's where you lovely people come in...

as an added bonus, I'm going to have to use my old camera for editing abilities, but I'm inviting all of you to be a part of the special.
Just wear your costume (or dress a doll to represent you or your character show) and film yourself (or your doll) knocking on a door and saying "Trick or Treat!!"
Preferably this should be filmed from the point of view of the person opening the door, but if you have no one to hold the camera for you, outside is okay.

I'll splice in the TRS cast answering and reacting to you.

If you can, it would also be great to film you (or your doll) looking in your treat bag and reacting to what you got from Trick or Treating at the TRS house.
It can be good or bad. "Oh, I got ghost marshmallows!" or "Wow, a whole candybar! These guys are the best!" or "Pennies? I got trolled by Nightmaren!!" or "Oh yay, bubblegum..."
Make up whatever you like, just keep it clean. Even Reala won't give out real eyeballs, for example.

Start thinking about this, and try to mail your videos in .avi or .wmv format by Mischief Night at the very latest (That's October 30th for you out of the country)
Oh, and this is open to everyone even if your country isn't big on Halloween. It's your chance to experience it through the TRS special!

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