Clawz Plush Remake. Can We Help out?

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Clawz Plush Remake. Can We Help out?

Post  dreamrevolution on Tue May 29, 2012 12:04 pm

Hey Silk, I remember You mentioning that You were Planing on Recreating Clawz for TRS. Why are you doing so?

& Since You are doing so, Do You Think We can be of Help on Your Redo of Him/Her ?

Here are some Pictures of Clawz From that I found that May be of help on starting You out.

At least it helps out in Finally seeing the Missing Details We tend to overlook while seeing Clawz 3d image.

& if that is not Enough, I'll attempt a Search of Screenshots of Clawz from NID for the PS2, Since the Images are more well rendered & smooth & not as blocky as the Images on the Saturn. Okay.

I'm sure that We can be of help to You in TRS Character creation this time around. Smile

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Re: Clawz Plush Remake. Can We Help out?

Post  Cornsilk on Tue May 29, 2012 1:34 pm

Thanks DR, but I have the Japanese books with detailed images of every character's beta and finalized forms.
I'm very well covered in the reference department.

All I need for Clawz is the fabric, as requested in my Molly's Dollies section.
If anyone wants to help, they can buy me some blue fur off my Amazon wishlist, or send a paypal donation to go toward me buying it for myself.

Since this isn't an ongoing TRS craft, I'll move it to the appropriate section.

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