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Ideya Palace of Fame

Post  Cornsilk on Sun May 20, 2012 9:57 am

Those who help the show will be honored here.
This is a place for the people who did more than just saying they would help, and who actually sent in donations and items for the show.
Be sure to thank these people for supporting TRS!

Although she's been busy so we haven't interacted lately, Maresuke has been a very dear friend for years, and has sent Tails and various fabrics to help the show.
In addition to that, Maresuke has also participated in several specials, playing an especially large part in the Christmas and Halloween events.
And of course, we all love The NiGHTS Show, which was after all, the inspiration for The Reala Show.

Rugal has chatted with Silk often, sharing his thoughts and providing moral support. Rugal also went out of his way to send a package for one of the videos, in which he donated Nack to the show. And Rugal continues to promise more!
Thank you for being such a good friend and supporter of TRS, Rugal!

Musashi has chatted with Silk often, discussing concepts and jokes that have made it into the show. Musashi has also offered moral support during times when trollish members have been giving Silk a hard time.
Thanks for being there, Musashi!

More to Come... I hope!

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