Kingdom Hearts take inperation from NiGHTS

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Kingdom Hearts take inperation from NiGHTS

Post  TTS Tahu and blackdemon on Wed Dec 28, 2011 7:43 am

Is it just me or is the latest Kingdom Hearts game taking some elements from the NiGHTS game. Here is what led me to this:-

1) The entire game takes place in Sora and Riku's dreams (Hence the title Dream Drop Distance)

2) The enemies and Allies are called Dream Eaters. The good are called Spirits and they eat nightmares and plant good dreams while the enemies are called Nightmares and do the opposite.

So am I crazy or does it sort of make sense?
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Re: Kingdom Hearts take inperation from NiGHTS

Post  laylatheangelsprite on Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:21 pm

No... I attually find the dream eaters to help Sora in his state of coma. Rather than trying to take his purity and growth and all the elements from the NiGHTS games. You got to reamember that the children in NiGHTS are young and Sora has been growing alot. Who knows how many years has gone by. The kingdom hearts 2 Sora and Riku have grown alot in the end. Especialy when They have to let a year go by of sleeping by Roxas and Xion running for the organization.

The only real similaritys I see in D.D.D. is the linking. When you click the icon on the touch screen and it lets you combine help with the helpers. For a good 30-45 seconds....

Well... What I'm trying to say here, Is Because of the whole kingdom hearts story. Dream drop distance doesn't really have a NiGHTS feel to it.

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