Behind the Scenes Discussion

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Behind the Scenes Discussion

Post  Cornsilk on Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:45 pm

Obviously we all know that I have to film during the day in order to get an image on my camera.
You've seen my night footage, it's a lot of solid blackness with sound. So most episodes are filmed during the day, even if they're supposed to be taking place at night. It's just how it has to be, so viewers need to use their imaginations.

Yes, we all know that those are dollies that Silk is moving around and giving voices to.
In TRS, Nightmaren are living creatures who appear as smaller versions of themselves, because that is how the anchor character, Silk sees them when she's awake.
If you can't get into character and see them as anything other than dolls being held, you're just no fun.

A lot of complaints come in, concerning the fact that only two or three characters ever show up at a time.
I only have two hands, and one is holding the camera. If science ever allows me to graft extra limbs onto my body, I'll be sure to get more arms so I can hold more dolls at a time.

I get a lot of jealous types moaning about how rare my dolls are and how I should take better care of them, or tell them where to get their own.
Shut up. I make dolls, you think that I couldn't repair them if they ever had a loose seam ?
And, I make dolls. You want one and don't want to pay $300 on ebay? Commission me to make you one. It'll be just as charming, just not the same look.

I get so many people wanting to be on the show...
I'm very good about encouraging other character shows and trying to promote them. So yes, I do have them on from time to time. But I won't just cameo someone, just because.
That wouldn't follow any storyline and I hate to say it, but it wouldn't be fun for anyone but the person getting the cameo.
Put effort into making your own series work, then when you get how the series works, we'll talk.

I don't get a lot of people asking how to make a successful character show. I really should.

I'll be the first to admit that TRS is a really stupid show, but the fact that you're here is proof that it's successful. I run a successful series, and if you want to too, you should be coming to me to see how it's done.
This isn't me bragging (I hate TRS more than the haters), but I do like to help.
I'll make another topic for how to make and manage your own series, though.

More to Come...

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Re: Behind the Scenes Discussion

Post  dreamrevolution on Sat Sep 06, 2014 4:41 pm

Say silk, since You did a Video on the creation of Your Jackle Plush for the TRS show. Will we see one for Clawz or Puffy in the future?

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