What People Are Saying About Molly's Dollies

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What People Are Saying About Molly's Dollies

Post  Cornsilk on Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:09 am

This is a longer list than I expected, apparently a lot of people like my creations! XD

Dear Molly,

I just got my plushie today. I love him! My family thinks he is adorable and think you did a really good job hand crafting it yourself. He's now sitting next to my computer monitor keeping me company while I work. Right now I'm trying to make your little tag be attachable to him, I almost threw it out but luckily it fell out right before I tossed it. If I can't attach it to him I'll just stick it to my wall of collectibles. Anyway I've got some scripts to write, homework to finish and some Cowboy Bebop Mangas to read. Next time I get some money I'll commission you again, I love your dolls and I will definitely pay for some more. Keep in touch.


The Jackle plush is my all time fav though! at first I didn't realize he was hand made
(I thought he was made in a actual factory)

-Jackle O Lantern

Really, you did and awesome job with this one, I've always been impressed with this Jackle plush when I see it on your Youtube channel.

XD Yer so awesome! I luvs him so much! (He slept on my pillow last night cuz my stupid husband wouldn't go to bed at the right time.)

Aww! So cute, fat plushes are the cutest xDD I really like how you placed him on the tree (and I wonder how you were able to get him to stay there!). I like the color of the eye a lot, and how the shape of the legs turned out ^^

I really like how you pose them in nature! I've clicked on your pictures a few times now because of that and then I'm all 'ah of course!' ; D He's really cute too. I love dragons!! Man.....I really should make a dragon doll sometime... why has that never occurred before now. o_O

omg i LOVE it

Just a wonderful plush! Looks a lot like the character from the SEGA Saturn game.

Really, an wonderful character, and you've emulated him/her very well. s/he is a really a great plush to own.

You have such awesome plush! So inspirational

you have an a awesome gift Keep up the good work

Adorable! I tried to make a doll sorta like that a while ago and just failed miserably lol. You did a really nice job! Thank you so much

Oh wow, that's a cool little doll! Smile

It's really, really cute. Definitely not a stuffed animal I would mind having!

You are lucky. I can't sew anything like that. I made a Japanese top once... but I can't put stuffies together...

He's adorable!
Must've been very comforting Smile

wow, this is looking really awesome! can't wait to see how it comes out for you Very Happy

AAAAAAAAAAAH! This is so awesomely awesome! I want one now!
This is fraggin' amazing!

I'm serious, I mean your plushies look really good, the chao looks like a chao from the game!
I'm pretty sure you can do all sorts of things if you can do chao, I mean, like Ninja turtles or Mr. Blick, maybe even a little Harley Quinn doll! XD

whoo, awesome foot.... I can't make plushies so I like to watch how yours come along

I said it on MSN, and I'll say it here, too; that is looking fantastic! I love those horns

XD wow that is looking so much better than my attempt on making a shadow plushie! Mine was just awful but you have some talent there! finish him up!

You're so good at that.^^

Wow, it looks just like the real thing xD

I have just gotten this very NiGHTS doll in the mail, and I may say, I'm very satisfied! I really love the details that you put in the stars on the vest and the diamond on the chest. You did a wonderful job!

That plush is adorable! I love how you did the eyes. Very Happy

Wow! That is awesome! Can't wait for it.

Nice, I love your Jackle plush! ^^

HES SO CUTE!!!!! your VERY talented SiLK, i wish i could do that... All i can do is draw... Oh well, in time i will learn how to do that.... your plushie making skills amazes me! *bows down* I look up to you

Aaaaaaaa thank youuuuuuuu i love it soooo much!

thats so cool and awesome looking!!!Very Happy

brilliant as always

I love it Very Happy , but you know that Wink

Wow!!! you made the nightopian!? You have a  special talent!

Aww...There both cute! How rude of ppl not to buy. T_T They're both so cute!

man Id buy your NiGHTS plushie u made its so cool! Can I buy it?

Wow, SiLK. Those were pretty good for homemade. XD I never would've guess Jackle was homemade. Nice craftmanship. ^_^

i really like it i made one too but its not as good as yours

so far the best dolls I've seen are these.

very nice
you have got some skill there SiLK

Nice job SiLK, props XD.

if I had the means to commish one of your fantastic dolls, girl-..you know I would~!

You made it?!
- Jessica

you're the goddess of plushie making
- Musashi

"I really think you're undercharging, for the amount of work you put into it."
- Mike

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