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Post  Cornsilk on Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:05 pm

Please note: due to harassing clients, I am not longer accepting commissions!
You may fill out the form and I will make your plush, but on my own schedule.
The requester gets the first chance to buy the plush once I finish, but this way there is no unnecessary pressure on me, and I can make more dolls at a time.

So you're ready to commission me? Or maybe you're just curious?
Well here's the form to fill out, so take a look.

Once you fill out a form, send it to me privately and we'll talk about the details. Once I agree to make your doll, you just send me a paypal payment of $10.00 and I'll begin work.

My order form is now online!
Just fill it out and send it on its way, I will get back to you to discuss order details.


Please do not send any money until I accept your order!
Deposits are non refundable, and you will not get your $10 back!

Important: If you need your plush by a specific date, please say so in the description!
I work by hand and do not finish dolls as quickly as some people would like. So be sure to order well ahead of time if it's for an event.

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