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Post  Cornsilk on Mon Jul 11, 2011 6:38 pm

I made a space for my doll shop, since my stuffed creations are a big part of The Reala Show.
As you know, I made Jackle and Clawz myself, and Puffy, even though I never had time to finish her.

You don't have to request a NiGHTS related doll, I'll make anything with some exceptions...

I will Not make the following:
* Characters owned by someone other than the person commissioning me (except as a surprise gift for them, or in cases where they have given me permission to make the doll)
* Dolls representing real people or celebrities (unless permission is given)
* Lewd dolls. That means nothing anatomically correct, nothing that I consider offensive.
* Anything that is beyond my skills (I won't for example, make anything with a lot of intricate detail. I have no artistic talent outside of plushing and you'd just be disappointed)
* Giant stuffed animals or life sized dolls (Those are expensive and tend to flop badly, I do not advise asking for them.)
* Religious figures. (There's always someone out there who would take offense and come after me XD )

My most common sales are human shaped dolls, and they average around $30 plus shipping, for a doll about 8 inches or so.
Jackle is a more detailed doll, and goes for $50

Because I do everything entirely by hand without any machines, sizes and details will vary. Every doll is unique.
Please don't expect a doll just like one you've seen me make before, because yours will be very similar, but unique in its own way.

I'll post the order form in another topic.

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