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Adventure Squad

Post  LiZZYtheNightmaren123 on Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:36 pm

ok i made the Adventure Squad for two resons, one my sister made the Tails Doll Show so why not Very Happy also the Reala Show helped me make, it can be seen heer-----> it's not much but i'm still working on it but i lost my camra so i have to use a non water proof but that's not inportent.

now for the full cast (for now)

.good guys

1.Fella (C)

2.King Dedede (C) Hal

3.Furrball the Cat (C) me

4.Ralph jr the dog (C) Me

5. Bowser 2 (C) Me

6. ThornFang the Smilodon (C) me

7. Buch the dog (C) Me

8. Duster the dog (C) Me

9. Prinsess Pink the dog (C) Me

10. Silver (C) Sega/ Sonic Team

11.Spyro (C) who ever ones Spyro

12. Crash the bandicoot (C) who ever ones Crash the bandicoot

Bad guys

1. Midnight the dragon (C) Me

2. Team Rocket Pikachu (C) pokemon

And i'm going to add LiZZY (my Nightmaren Sona) onto the show but not now.

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Re: Adventure Squad

Post  Cornsilk on Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:25 am

Wow, you may have the largest cast so far! Just be careful, the reason why I never recruited voices was because I put episodes out pretty quickly, and the more people involved, the more time it takes to get every line recorded.
It does improve the overall quality though, since it's not enjoyable when too many characters sound alike. (which is why Elliot kind of stopped showing up - people thought NiGHTS was speaking when it was an Elliot line)

If you want any tips, you're welcome to contact me!
I don't want to critique you in public. XD

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